We Will Always Remember

Our Godmother

Lois Kasper Paumen

Forever Rely On God

Matt Steffens

Matt Steffens

Matt was born and lived his life in the country west of Monticello. He graduated from Monticello high school where he met his life long friends. Matt, I was told, was the first person Brett met when he came to Monticello. He also was a very good friend of Jeff. He always kept busy, either with work or fun and could always be counted on to help out when needed. He loved seeing people and this bike run would be something he would like.

Brett Johnson

Brett Johnson

Brett Eric Johnson was a loving husband, proud father a wonderful son, an amazing brother and an awesome uncle. Brett had a magnetic personality. People just loved being around him, even when he was a little boy. Strangers would come up to him and just start talking to him. He was a problem solver, Brett’s family and friends knew that if they had a problem they could talk to Brett and he’d help however he could. He was always busy, there was never enough time in a day for Brett. If he was working on something and couldn’t figure it out, he wouldn’t give up. He keep at it until he had it fixed or until he figured out the answer. Recently I bought a picture Frame that told what the meaning of the name Brett meant. As I read it I was amazed at how everything described Brett to a T. I would like to share it with you.

Brett: Dares to be different, outgoing and adventurous, had a refreshing outlook on life, is favored by many, makes certain that what he does is right, he is just, honorable and full of integrity, has a dazzling look about him, he stays positive all the time, his organization keeps things running.

He lived up to the meaning of his name without even knowing it-He was an Amazing, Awesome man who is missed by his family and friends every minute of every day. We will treasure our memories of Brett forever. Brett is with us in spirit and he’s in our hearts forever. Love Mom & Dad

jeff Colbenson

Jeff Colbenson

Jeffrey Scott Colbenson was born June 8, 1976 in Buffalo, MN to Gregory and Gloria (Gramsey) Colbenson. Growing up Jeff enjoyed the outdoors and always tinkering in the garage, building and repairing things. He loved riding three wheelers in the mud with friends. During high school he worked at the Monticello Theater, enjoyed golf, driving around in his jeep and hanging out with friends. He graduated from the Monticello High School in 1994.

After graduation Jeff went to Sun Prairie, WI to be a heavy equipment operator. He worked at different construction companies and was employed at CS DuBois construction at the time of his death. Jeff enjoyed doing construction projects of his own. He loved remodeling the house he bought in Maple Lake, the backyard fish pond, the outdoors, snowmobiling out west, camping, and fishing.

Jeff died Sunday, August 22, 2010 in Clearwater Township, Wright County as a result of an airplane crash six days before his wedding to Beth Blizil of Maple Lake. Jeff and Beth had a son Carter Matthew who was 16 months at the time of Jeff’s death. Carter was the greatest pride of his life. Jeff loved being a dad.

Jeff was the kindest and easy going person you could meet. He was always willing to lend a hand to help someone. He loved laughter, a few pranks and always being with family and friends.

My Best Friend – My Hero – My Dad!

Some knew him as Mike, others by Michael, but we know him as Dad.
May 11th, 2013 was by far the hardest day of our life. At 10:43 pm our world shattered when the man who never walked away….Was taken away from us.
When others found life too overwhelming or just not what they had on their agenda decided to leave. This man stood strong-took charge and became a hero to his daughter’s. Not always the easiest up bringing… LOL…But I wouldn’t change it for anything. It created very independent and strong women who are able to stand on their own two feet and make it in this crazy world.
I have had a difficult time trying to figure out “How do I?”
How do I explain how amazing this man truly was?
How do I explain that above all else he would stand in front, behind or next to his family regardless?

My Dad certainly had ups and downs in life but one thing is for sure…His family or AKA his “Chickens” were his biggest love. There isn’t a day that goes by that our hearts don’t ache. I still want to pick up the phone and call my Dad just to shoot the shit, get advice, or vent. He always had a way of knowing by the tone of our voices if something was wrong. He always had a way of making things better – Making us see the brighter side – Or giving us the almighty advice of “You know what you otta do talk”
The past three years have definitely been tough road too finding our “new normal.” I know he has watched his daughters and grandchildren struggle in absense so in the true Mike fashion when the anniversary of death came upon us this year my Dad had different intentions.
On May 11th, 2016 at 1:43 am his first Great-Grandson Andrew Joseph was born. I know my Dad had his hand in this. He took a day that was so painful for all of us and turned into a celebration. We get it Dad! You were there cheering with us as he joined this crazy but love filled family.

We miss you every moment of every day!